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"Let us look with greater hope to the future; let us encourage one another on our journey."
~ Papa Benedict XVI

Saturday, July 3

Lemonade and Ice Pops

Well they finally did it.  Star Feather and Spirit Walking Bear held their first lemonade stand ...and pop shop.  Unfortunately they chose the coldest NC summer day i have seen in a long time.  A beautiful day mind you, but not a typical one.  No humidity, no 90 degree weather (or higher), few bugs.  I sat wrapped in a blanket for the 1st hour or so.  They did a great job. 

They made fliers that the kids distributed on thursday to all the mailboxes on this street and the one behind us.  They made signs for each side of the table (with help from Memaw who contributed post-it letters).  They made Lemonade and froze ice pops.  They recruited everyone to help out in some way...

...and then they waited

....and waited

.....and waited.

But we all know, patience is a virtue .... and it does pay off ...literally in their case!

So what did they do next?  The only logical thing......

They ate the profit!


Dianna said...

Hi Allison,

This is great! We miss you all. I was wondering who the toddler was - where did "baby" Catherine go???

Dianna Colliflower

allison said...


She is getting big isn't she? : )
We have some pictures for you guys! - maybe this time i'll actually send them!
We miss you guys too. Hope everyone is doing well!
Say "hey" to your beautiful family for us!