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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Saturday, July 10

The Birthday Boy

Spirit Walking Bear turned 5!

He requested an Ironman birthday .... which is kind of funny considering he really doesn't know who Ironman is, nor will he see either movie any time soon...but he had a great day.  He was treated to lunch by his Aunt and Cousin. (He had been waiting since March when his big sister had been treated for her birthday!)  Then he had to suffer through a short quiet time and wait for dinner. 
After dinner is when the rest of his birthday joy showed up...

Notice Smiling Butterfly trying to open a present.... that is not hers.
Spirit Walking Bear and his cousin, reading the card his cousin made for him.
An Ironman shirt...
mask, flashlight, figure, AND stickers.  Some monster trucks (for the monster truck 'stadium' his brothers are building him), and a build-it-with grandpa-or-daddy bird feeder.

The cake was a surprise....and Ironman.
Now that we are 5 we think we can cut our cake....
and serve it too!
He did a great job!
It was a fun day, we all had a nice evening and now we have a 5 year old in our midst. Scary!
Happy Birthday Spirit Walking Bear!

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Jessica said...

5??!?!?! That can't be possible! Wow! They're getting so old! Soon you'll tell me that Catherine already turned two! ;-)

Miss you guys,