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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Wednesday, July 14

Blog Names

Well, i tried to beat the question ... everyone was being so polite and not asking where the names came from or why they even exist, but someone finally asked before i got to answering the question. 

So for all of you who do not know ..... (which is many of you)...

The kids have a Great-aunt (she's great of course, but Great as well).  Aunt Pat is Free Cherokee and a clan Chief.  In Cherokee society, women are leaders and decision-makers. 

When we visited my Aunt and Uncle, Aunt Pat gave each of our children an Indian Name.  Those are what you see here.
Our oldest son is Running Buffalo
Our second oldest son is Strong Arrow
Our oldest daughter is Star Feather
Our youngest son is Spirit Walking Bear
Our youngest daughter is Smiling Butterfly

The picture below is from that day.  My cousin and his children were with us as well.  They received names from Aunt Pat too.

I decided to use their Indian Names as the children like them, and to help keep their privacy. 

The names fit the children really well... and they are well loved. 
Thank you Chief Spirit Shadow! We love you!

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