"Do not yield to discouragement in the face of difficulties and do not abandon yourselves to false solutions which often seem the easiest way to overcome problems. Do not be afraid to make a commitment, to face hard work and sacrifice, to choose the paths that demand fidelity and constancy, humility and dedication. Be confident in your youth and its profound desires for happiness, truth, beauty and genuine love! Live fully this time in your life so rich and so full of enthusiasm."
"Let us look with greater hope to the future; let us encourage one another on our journey."
~ Papa Benedict XVI

Saturday, June 25

Eating in Season

A big hello (some long over due) to our newest followers..... Eva, Richard, Raising & Teaching Little Saints, Jessica, Sancta Risus, Jen, and Giuseppe Ambrose!  We are so glad you've joined us!

Welcome to our blog! I hope you will stop in regularly and walk away with even the smallest bit of new information or at least a smile. This blog has a mind of its own, for sure. I write about more than i had planned to and on everything from homeschooling to parenting, feast days to our family life in general. Lately its been more just life in general as school and sports are winding down....

Please feel free to comment, but also to ask questions.

Eating in Season...no fancy ideas or suggestions, just us enjoying God's bounty!  We wrote about strawberry picking some time last month (it might have just been a quick note buried in a post) and this month we had the opportunity to pick blueberries!  We never had before so this was a real treat. 

The farm was beautiful.  Just a small farm owned by grandparents of one of our homeschool group families.  Very family friendly.  Very knowledgeable and willing to teach.  We had a great time.
We picked, we ate, we came home and baked!

Sunday, June 19

Crafty Friends

In a good way of course! :  )

My real life friend, Jennifer, has been busy whipping up some beautiful needle felted items lately.  I have tried to comment on her blog but Blogger just does not like me!  So instead, i am sending you all over there to check out her creations.  Her latest is this beautiful St. Francis doll.

Her blog is Homespun Love.  Stop by and check out her creations! 

I would love to have her do a felted doll tutorial sometime, so be sure to mention that for me if you can leave a comment!

Tuesday, June 14

No matter how many times you go through it...

pregnancy is always different, just like every one of your children are...I told my father-in-law the other day that i had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  He asked  "why'd ya go and do that?" : )   My reply?  "to make this one more interesting of course!"

At 26.5 weeks (or so) i'm still learning new stuff (and this is far from my first pregnancy!) Its actually quite interesting because i am learning more about my brother and what he has gone through over the years.  He has Type 1 diabetes, and while some would consider gestational diabetes no where near as problematic as type 1 or even type 2, it has, and causes its own, issues.

So now i am supposed to be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner along with 3 snacks a day.  Each meal and snack has a certain amount of carbs i should be eating.  Its neat to watch how different foods do different things to your numbers ... sometimes just the time of day causes a change.  I can eat the same amount of waffles and syrup for breakfast as for lunch (two different days of course!) and the numbers are very different. 

Also, exercise affects the numbers ....its all about the numbers. 

The other thing that has been interesting about this whole change has been the kids.  They too are interested in learning and helping me keep track of things.  They ask what my numbers are, and if i have had a snack (that is one of the hardest things for me - i really don't eat enough most days.)

So, along with the finger pricking diabetes, with this pregnancy i have the usual (for me...) carpal tunnel, and as my brother Joe so lovingly puts it 'that pregnancy leg thing.' :  P  Gotta love the guys and their descriptive endeavors (and this from a young man who has been published! yikes!)

Otherwise things are swimming along.  The wee one is due around Sept 16th... some interesting saints to choose from on that day •St. Abundius •St. Curcodomus •St. Dulcissima, i don't know... those might be too hard for people to remember how to spell!  The kids are making lots of suggestions - the little ones are leaning towards Rescue Hero names, Jacob (Jake Justice) and William (Billy Blazes) seem to be the front runners - its way too funny to hear their reasoning for choosing certain names! Oh well. 

Oh! and don't bother asking what name we decide on as we never tell until the wee one is born! :  )

Tuesday, June 7

Walk for Their Lives

Over at HairBows 4 Life Bowtique they are  hosting a walk-a-thon that is easy to participate in and doable for anyone.

Starting next Sunday June 12 through August 28 (12 weeks) please consider participating in Walk for Their Lives sponsored by Hair Bows 4 Life ...

How many miles can you walk to help support the protection of Human Life, those sweet baby feet!

To participate:

1. Let Hair Bows 4 Life  know you are taking up the Challenge... then tell everyone you know that you are doing so.

2. Have friends and family sponsor you.  You can do a penny or a nickle for every mile you walk in the 12 weeks, or a flat rate of say $50 total or even $50 for 1,000 miles.  The options are many!

3.  Email Hair Bows for Life at walkfortheirlives @ gmail . com with your location and what kind of sponsor money you will donate (basically total $ per mile or flat rate promised) as well as which Pro-Life organization you will donate to.  You read that right!  You do not send them the money, you hand it directly to the Pro-life organization of your choice.   

4. Record your miles (their site has links to a weekly log as well as a Google Map Pedometer.)

5. Every Sunday, comment your miles.  They are giving away door prizes for your comments and some top walker prizes as well!

Please, join our family as we put on our walking shoes and spend twelve weeks using our feet to save theirs!  We challenge you to!

Comment here to let us know you're joining us! ... or that you'd like to sponsor us.  I will post more later about the Pro-Life organization we are donating to as well as keep you posted about how we are doing.

God bless you and your endeavor to help those who can't help themselves.

Monday, June 6

Birthdays, Baseball, and Other Adventures...

Ready for some photos?
Client #1 requested a Bears birthday cake....

He seemed happy with the outcome.

Ladybug, riding Charlie

Client #2 requested a pony cake ...
copied right from the pan's directions (which made things easy for mom!)

She was very happy with her cake too ...
but really, can't we ever just enjoy the artistic endeavor
before we devour it?

Cousins are wonderful!  This is Rowan.

He's not so sure here if Cat is quite big enough to hold him ...
i would question it too

Bear practices baseball with his older brothers and sister,
so on the field he's ready for anything...
even covering 2 - 3 positions at a time -
he is definitely NOT a butterfly chaser

Ladybug, busy sorting loads of fabric scraps for apparently many more projects than just mom's!  We received quite a bit of fabric from a friend who quilts, as well as from a woman, not far from us, who used to own a quilt shop.  Between what they gave us and the scraps we have received from our readers, we are going to be kept busy with not just my project but also a few more we will eventually tell  you about.  Thank you! 

B's Confirmation - with his sponsor, Aunt Jennifer...and of course, the Bishop

Ladybug and Cat making pizza dough in our new kitchen

Round one for client #3. 
These were after game snacks on Cat's actual birthday...
once we got home around 9pm!

Client #3 was, i think, the most demanding...
She worked with her own personal artist (her big sister) to create a design for her cake
Duff has nothing on us -
i'll be impressed when he actually has a 3 year old client
sit in the kitchen with him and direct the decorating...
The finished product ...
with a little artistic license on the decorators part

Ah, the joy of simplicity

Cousins are great to have around...
they make life more interesting!
(ps. welcome home Uncle Joe!)

The cake was well received

And she even helped supervise the decorations!