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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Tuesday, June 14

No matter how many times you go through it...

pregnancy is always different, just like every one of your children are...I told my father-in-law the other day that i had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  He asked  "why'd ya go and do that?" : )   My reply?  "to make this one more interesting of course!"

At 26.5 weeks (or so) i'm still learning new stuff (and this is far from my first pregnancy!) Its actually quite interesting because i am learning more about my brother and what he has gone through over the years.  He has Type 1 diabetes, and while some would consider gestational diabetes no where near as problematic as type 1 or even type 2, it has, and causes its own, issues.

So now i am supposed to be eating breakfast, lunch and dinner along with 3 snacks a day.  Each meal and snack has a certain amount of carbs i should be eating.  Its neat to watch how different foods do different things to your numbers ... sometimes just the time of day causes a change.  I can eat the same amount of waffles and syrup for breakfast as for lunch (two different days of course!) and the numbers are very different. 

Also, exercise affects the numbers ....its all about the numbers. 

The other thing that has been interesting about this whole change has been the kids.  They too are interested in learning and helping me keep track of things.  They ask what my numbers are, and if i have had a snack (that is one of the hardest things for me - i really don't eat enough most days.)

So, along with the finger pricking diabetes, with this pregnancy i have the usual (for me...) carpal tunnel, and as my brother Joe so lovingly puts it 'that pregnancy leg thing.' :  P  Gotta love the guys and their descriptive endeavors (and this from a young man who has been published! yikes!)

Otherwise things are swimming along.  The wee one is due around Sept 16th... some interesting saints to choose from on that day •St. Abundius •St. Curcodomus •St. Dulcissima, i don't know... those might be too hard for people to remember how to spell!  The kids are making lots of suggestions - the little ones are leaning towards Rescue Hero names, Jacob (Jake Justice) and William (Billy Blazes) seem to be the front runners - its way too funny to hear their reasoning for choosing certain names! Oh well. 

Oh! and don't bother asking what name we decide on as we never tell until the wee one is born! :  )


Katie said...

Before I forget, those cakes in one of the previous posts are beautiful! And it makes me want to eat cake, too!

I'll keep you in my prayers regarding the gestational diabetes. I haven't gone through it myself, but I imagine having one more thing to keep track of isn't easy.


Jen said...

Sorry to hear about the gestational diabetes. We will be praying for you - since as you said comes with it's own issues. Happy to see you at the conference!

allison said...

Thank you Katie and Jen!

Prayers are most definitely welcome.

ps. thanks for the cake comment Katie! My favorite ones are the ones i do based on the kids' drawings...they look childlike (as they should) but they definitely are cherished by the designer/recipient.

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Prayers for you to maintain a safe glucose level and for this sweet little one to be unaffected by the GD. (They will test the baby's glucose level at birth) Having had GD 8 out of 10 times, my heart really goes out to you Allison. Last time, Glyburide helped me avoid insulin shots. Careful with exercise if you haven't eaten as sometimes (I learned the VERY hard way) it can sink your numbers to a dangerously LOW level if you don't have a little food/carbs in you before starting! (And when I say exercise, I mean like: "going for a walk")
I am seeing "boy names" here in your post...don't tell me the Dunphy family actually KNOWS the gender of one of their babies before birth?!?!?!?
Glad to hear all is well and may the Lord grant you MUCH JOY in this pregnancy! SUCH A BLESSING!

allison said...

Thank you Jude!

My numbers have been close to good but not perfect so the dr wanted me to be put on Meds. I asked for one more week to pull it all together - they don't give you much time to adjust!

Walking after dinner as well as a nice glass of ice water, after any meal, seem to help the numbers.
Thanks for stopping by...
Hope you all are well!