"Do not yield to discouragement in the face of difficulties and do not abandon yourselves to false solutions which often seem the easiest way to overcome problems. Do not be afraid to make a commitment, to face hard work and sacrifice, to choose the paths that demand fidelity and constancy, humility and dedication. Be confident in your youth and its profound desires for happiness, truth, beauty and genuine love! Live fully this time in your life so rich and so full of enthusiasm."
"Let us look with greater hope to the future; let us encourage one another on our journey."
~ Papa Benedict XVI

Monday, June 6

Birthdays, Baseball, and Other Adventures...

Ready for some photos?
Client #1 requested a Bears birthday cake....

He seemed happy with the outcome.

Ladybug, riding Charlie

Client #2 requested a pony cake ...
copied right from the pan's directions (which made things easy for mom!)

She was very happy with her cake too ...
but really, can't we ever just enjoy the artistic endeavor
before we devour it?

Cousins are wonderful!  This is Rowan.

He's not so sure here if Cat is quite big enough to hold him ...
i would question it too

Bear practices baseball with his older brothers and sister,
so on the field he's ready for anything...
even covering 2 - 3 positions at a time -
he is definitely NOT a butterfly chaser

Ladybug, busy sorting loads of fabric scraps for apparently many more projects than just mom's!  We received quite a bit of fabric from a friend who quilts, as well as from a woman, not far from us, who used to own a quilt shop.  Between what they gave us and the scraps we have received from our readers, we are going to be kept busy with not just my project but also a few more we will eventually tell  you about.  Thank you! 

B's Confirmation - with his sponsor, Aunt Jennifer...and of course, the Bishop

Ladybug and Cat making pizza dough in our new kitchen

Round one for client #3. 
These were after game snacks on Cat's actual birthday...
once we got home around 9pm!

Client #3 was, i think, the most demanding...
She worked with her own personal artist (her big sister) to create a design for her cake
Duff has nothing on us -
i'll be impressed when he actually has a 3 year old client
sit in the kitchen with him and direct the decorating...
The finished product ...
with a little artistic license on the decorators part

Ah, the joy of simplicity

Cousins are great to have around...
they make life more interesting!
(ps. welcome home Uncle Joe!)

The cake was well received

And she even helped supervise the decorations!

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