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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Tuesday, October 25

Montessori at Home Book/Montessori Print Shop Bundle Giveaway

The giveaway closes 10:01pm MST on Tuesday, October 25...that's today!!!

Living Montessori Now is hosting this great give-away.  (Each prize approximately $30 if purchased as a bundle; each prize approximately $70 if files are purchased individually! Total value of giveaway $90-$210 of fabulous Montessori materials!)

Living Montessori Now is giving away a Montessori Print Shop bundle of 21 printable materials as well as John Bowman’s newly revised e-book Montessori at Home: The Complete Guide to Doing Montessori Early Learning Activities at Home. Pop on over there before 10pm to enter!
I personally would love to win this as i am continually looking for ways to educate myself further on how to bring montessori home.  Yes, i have set up a few activities (i need to get you a few photos!) but really i hesitate as i'm worried about 'doing it wrong.'  Honestly, that's  how i happened upon the give away, i was reading this post and found a note about the give away. I just wanted to share the opportunity with you all as  well.  Good Luck!!

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