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"Let us look with greater hope to the future; let us encourage one another on our journey."
~ Papa Benedict XVI

Saturday, October 1


Hello Dear Friends!

We are busy enjoying life slowed down a bit here, due to the arrival of  a sweet little boy!  Andrew David was born Sept 9th.  His arrival in this big, beautiful world was rather fast...if you ask the nurse, labor and delivery was under 2 minutes... but your definition of labor may adjust that time a bit.  He's a cutie to be sure.  He was 7 lbs 4oz. Currently he is packing the weight on at an average of 2oz per day (i kid you not!) 

Everyone is doing well.  I 'magically' lost the gestational diabetes but have managed to acquire high blood pressure!   ugh!  That is actually what sent us in on the 9th.  It had been creeping up throughout the pregnancy and the specialist was concerned.  I had no other symptoms or problems but he really felt i needed to be induced.  Needless to say, i was not happy to be there and so not my usual friendly face throughout much of the evening. It didn't help that we had interns instead of doctors there that  all looked to be about 15 yrs old!  So glad my nurse had a good 15 or so years under her belt!  It was quite an evening.

Soooo, pre-eclamsia, world's unofficial fastest labor and delivery, second kid in a row with no one to catch them....oh my! : )

Andrew is doing well, putting faces to all the voices he had been hearing for so long.  And though they say they don't smile until ... there are a couple of us who can almost always get a real smile out of him (from as early as 1 week old)  His sleep schedule is still a little off but he is sleeping enough at night that i only fall asleep usually once sometime during the day while rocking him. ; )

Anyway, An-dew, as he is loving called by his 'big' sister (when we call him that she says "no, its An-dewww!" hahaha ...she is still working on blending some letters...) An-dew is doing well, learning all about this great big world and keeping us entertained.

Here are a few pictures to keep everyone happy...


Sancta Risus said...

What a precious gift! Welcome Andrew!

Jamie said...

He's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!!

I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online.

Feel free to stop by my blog anytime!

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Katie said...

So beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Fidelio said...

Yay! Pitchers!

allison said...

Thank you Sancta Risus, Jamie, and Katie!
...and thanks for stopping by! I've been so long in posting i figured everyone had jumped ship! : )

Fidelio - you saw them all recently ... do you have pitchers to share??? : )

Jessica said...

I miss you guys so much!!! I can't wait to meet An-dew!

allison said...

busy this friday??? we're heading north!