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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Wednesday, March 30

A Two Year Old's Perspective

Are there more dolls in the box?  .... Any more?....How bout a bear?

As we pack up our belongings Cat has decided she needs to save the dollies!  She was packed up first, ready to go.  We had to tell her "another week...but soon." 

She had her Dora backpack filled with her books and tea set (which today i finally made her wrap up each piece of in tissue because every time she walked around with it i could hear the pieces hitting and envisioned them chipping until there was nothing left but dust in the bottom of the bag.)

Today she came into the room asking for her Winnie-the-Pooh doll which was in a box of doll clothes.  Once she found out he was not alone she began returning time and again to check .... and finally stayed until i showed her she was holding all the animals, the box was now just clothes.  Phew!  now they're safe.  If you know where they are, all is good... but can you imagine being in a moving box for a week?  When you're taken out and you're in a whole new place, how would that feel?  She was apparently worried.

Now they all reside back in the once again over flowing crate of stuffed animals and baby dolls.  I'm sure she'll be willing to walk behind and pick up any escapees as we leave the house.


Guiseppe Ambrose said...

Hey, sister, have you been to my blog any time recently? I didn't think so.

I like this story, it's cute.

allison said...

oh but i have, brother o mine.... your post about why you became a marine was very sweet (though i knew most of that already!)

must i leave a comment everytime i visit???? ; )

Stay safe!
I love you!