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Monday, January 17

Give Away!

I am so excited about this!! Well, yes, i always love giving things away, but this is a doozy!

Karen Tylerowner of Worldwide Montessori Online, is generously allowing me to give not one, but TWO of my readers a free course and training manuals!

You'll receive 12 Montessori-based Albums/Manuals filled with student presentations/lessons for the 2-6 year old child. They include:

Practical Life
Physical Science

The course starts March 1st and i'll be there with you!  You can find more information about her class here.

"Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate stating that you have completed a pre-primary training course (2-6 years old) by World Wide Montessori On-line and signed by Karen Tyler, AMS.

This course will give you the knowledge you need as well as the albums for curriculum needed to teach the Montessori Method. This course does not take the place of a course taught at a certified Montessori teacher training school." Oh, but it is well worth it!  And you can't get any better then free now can you?  :  )

I took a quarter (3 months) of Karen's course a long while ago and Karen's class is great.  I love the albums (manuals) as they are very detailed and easy to use. Even if you do nothing other than use the albums (though i would hope you'd participate in class as well!!!!) you will be well equipped to bring Montessori home.

So how do you enter??? Gosh, i am so excited!!! Can you tell? : )

OK - there are 5 ways you can enter:

1. Leave a comment here about what your looking forward to the most about the class, if you win.

2. Blog about my give away, including a link to my site, and leave a comment here with a link to your post.

3. Place my blog button on your blog and comment here, with a link, that you did.

4. Sign up to follow my blog and then leave me a comment here that you did so. (if you already do just leave me a comment stating so!)

5. Email your loops, friends, whomever! and let them know about my give away!  Leave me a comment here that you did so. - i'm trusting you on this one! ; )

You can enter starting today ... we'll end things Monday, February 14th.  That will give me time to get  your information to Karen and for you to contact her as well.

Oh, and i'll move this post to a tab at the top so its easy to find ....i think i'll put all my give aways there so check it at least once a month!

Good Luck!!!


Fidelio said...

Ok, I follow you, and I have your button already.

AND I'm most looking forward to having hands-on materials for Montessori after reading book after book that "explains" without "showing."


Katie said...

Oh, I'd love to be entered into your giveaway! I would love to have more math and sensorial info (but all of it would be AMAZING!!)

Thank you!

Katie said...

Also, I am a follower. And glad to be one!

mamatotwo said...

I would like to put into everyday life (and not just to supplement my kids' education) what I will learn and receive in this training. I am really looking forward to the lectures that she will be doing.