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Tuesday, November 9

Montessori Class Seat/Albums Give Away!

I have before looked into Montessori for the kids.  I am continually drawn back to it.  So recently i have begun looking again for information on presentations and materials as Cat really needs more than Dora, Diego, and Max and Ruby! 

In our current living situation we have very little 'here, play by yourself' materials near where we do school, and I really don't want to bring toys into the dinning room.  Plus, i prefer for the little ones to be learning with us ... just basic stuff, no geometry or such : ) but they can be with us as we work, doing their own thing.  All the other kids have had some sort of something up til now - its more that we are not in our own place and i did not think at the time we would be without our things for so long....its all boxed up and not very convenient to get to (about 8 hours away!) Anyway.....

Several years ago i took one quarter worth of Karen Tyler's online montessori training.  She is a wonderful instructor and her albums are very easy to use.  Unfortunately i have misplaced the albums i did get (probably in the trailer in a box sitting in the cold...and on our old computer somewhere) and am looking for a way to take the class again and actually get to finish it.  Well, guess what i found!  One of the moms on a montessori yahoo group i am in is offering a seat in Karen's class!  So here i am blogging about it just so i can get a third entry (how bad is that!)...AND to hopefully send some of you over there to enter too! (maybe i should re-think that...the fewer entries the better chance i have!)

I highly recommend Karen's Course and Albums (which you can buy without taking the class) if you are looking for good, solid montessori training (non certified) and/or albums. 

And don't forget to enter the give away!

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