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Saturday, November 13


Today someone stole from our children.  Yep, you read that right. 

And it makes me sad.

Today, after the kids came in for lunch, someone walked into the garage and stole 3 bikes.  Ladybug's, Bear's, and T.'s.  It was a bit of a surreal thing.  They went out after quiet-time and came back in saying "my bike is gone....."  Shock pretty much summed it up.  They ran around the house, and along the street ...thinking maybe one of them or grandpa had moved the bikes for some reason....but no.  they were gone.

Daddy and i went out with them (in shock too, really) and we saw down the street a bike on the side of the road.  It was Ladybug's.  The streamers were pulled off the handle bars and the bike had basically been dumped, but otherwise it was in fine shape.  Daddy and R.B. walked further up the road in that direction.  I took the younger 2 (Ladybug and Bear) and headed around the block.  Grandpa and T. hopped in the car and drove down streets ... for several blocks.  Nothing.

Amazing.  On a Saturday afternoon, in broad daylight....

As we 'investigated' more we learned the girls on the corner had had their scooter stolen last week ...and they had seen a guy riding it twice since then!  And the young man across the road from us said his friend, on the next street over, told him they had 6 bikes stolen from their garage while the family was out to dinner a couple of weeks ago.

About a month and a half ago someone had mentioned to Memaw that there had been some thefts ...so we started closing the garage door when we were not out there, but as time goes on you relax....

This morning on the way home from the store memaw noticed 3 teen boys she did not recognize (and she has been in this house for over ten years ...and a few blocks over before here, for 25 years, and worked/works at the high school and hs library for more years than you care to know).  She saw them standing around out front of the neighbors yard...about an hour before our kids came in for lunch. 
We have some suspicions....and daddy thinks the only reason Ladybug got her bike back was because one of the guys had to ride/carry/pull it and...well...its pink and sparkly and has streamers ....

Ladybug and Bear's bikes are only a few months old.  Brand new really.  T.'s has been around the block a few times  :  ) but is in excellent shape.  We called the police, filed a report....they won't find them. I filed a claim with our insurance, but since we have had no other problems this year our deductible is not met. 

Maybe the thief thought we could afford to replace them?  Maybe they didn't think about us at all .  No matter the reason they are an invisible entity, one that cannot be held accountable by us because we don't know who they are....But they will be held accountable, eventually. 

I prayed for them tonight.  It gave pause to the rest of the family.  I prayed for the person or people who stole the bikes, and for the children who end up with them.  Then Bear prayed for the police to help find the bikes if they could please.  And we moved on.  Bear came to me later crying, he was upset that his bike was gone.  I told him i know, i was too, but God would take care of the thief/ves. He went back to bed sniffling and got back under his blanket....Not sure how he took that -  As in 'take care of them' or 'take CARE of them' :  ) but either way it is in God's hands.  The others are upset as well, and rightly so.  But they have all been brave and not complained.  Not sure how we will replace bikes yet....


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Katie said...

When I was a kid, I too had my bike stolen out of my own garage. In daylight, while we were home. We lived in a small town, and in a nice neighborhood, too. Ever since then I have been vigilant about shutting our garage door when we all go in the house. I'm so sorry it happened to your family! We will pray for you and for the thieves as well.

allison said...

Thanks Katie.
The kids are still a bit shocked that someone would do that. And they are having a hard time understanding why the police don't seem to care or do anything about it. I explained that they are, that they can only do so much ... though they did not even come out to the house (they could finger print the found bike...and compare with other thefts i guess) They just took our statement over the phone. If we had the serial numbers for the bikes that would help they said but really, we just wait. It will be a while before we all get back to 'normal' i think. Mainly because we just don't understand how someone could do that...

Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

So sorry this happened.
You brought back a memory of when Christine had her bike stolen as a child..the thieves were caught...the bike was found totaled on some railroad tracks...and we all went to court...it was awful...just awful...and these were boys from our very own neighborhood.
I am sure that it was a bit of a shock to your sweet childrens innocence...I hate it when kids are suddenly struck with the realizations that "all is not so nice" in the world.
I hope they are able to get some more bikes somehow.