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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Wednesday, January 4

365 Days of Legos!

The boys have been inspired to do a 365 days of Legos blog.  Add to that the stop action movie they are planning and things should get really interesting around here for a bit. 
We got a ton of legos for Christmas and Cory is considering changing the family's last name to Lego  : ) Time will tell (and for my brother, i know, not realistic due to copyright laws, trademarks, etc...but just smile and nod your head for now please!)

Lego are awesome!  Bet you never met a lego you didn't like...well, i did.  Recently we (read Ben Ben) acquired a Star Wars fellow who, while not Darth Maul, he comes pretty dang close...not pretty.  Even in Lego i can say no sometimes. 
Ninjago is the new big thing but Lego has recently added to their series and even our boys are complaining (why do people always have to go and ruin a good thing by making it 'better'???)

So we lego quite a bit here - i even found a brick in the baby's car seat the other day, yep we start 'em early here! (please note, it was accidental! No one knows how it got in there- he sure is not big enough yet to get into them...) But Cat continually brings us her newest creations while Ladybug and the boys build from scratch and from instructions some very amazing things.  There are developmental skills being acquired, engaged, and developed daily by those little bricks around our home. I just wish they had the ability to put themselves away!

Check out the boys' blog - 3 Boys and a Bunch of Legos....


Jen said...

Hi, Allison! Just stopped by to see how you were. Thought the kids may like this site: http://letsbuilditagain.com/lego-instructions.php. Not sure how it will come up in the comments. Hope all are well,

God Bless,

allison said...

Thanks Jennifer!
All here are well, congratulations on the FLL win!