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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Friday, July 8

Blueberry Pie

You know we picked um.  You know we baked um.  They tasted yummy!  But....

the pie was not perfect.

I got the recipe from allrecipes.com.  As i'm sure you know, people comment and make adjustments, etc.  So what do you follow?  Logically it would be the original recipe, but sometimes enough people comment about a particular part of it that you begin to wonder if a changes is not necessary. 

So i made pie, based on recommended changes - the first one was good but a little runny.  Not too sweet.  I decided to add more sugar and cornstarch.... we were a bit surprised at the runniness of the second pie.  After much thought i realized that the extra sugar was pulling out more of the blueberries' juices and so for the third pie i cut back to the recipe stated amount while adjusting the corn starch.  PERFECT!

We had a perfect Blueberry Pie last night.  Today the changed factor will be the blueberries.  I froze what we did not need for this last pie and didn't eat.  Bear wants a blueberry pie for his birthday 'cake' today so my hope is the frozen will be just as wonderful as the fresh.

I will post the recipe later.


And sorry about the lack f posts - my carpal tunnel is really acting up with this pregnancy and typing is becoming a huge problem....
have  a blessed day - we will be celebrating a 6 year old's birthday!


Angela said...

Mmmmm! Looks delicious! I love allrecipes.com! It is my "go-to" recipe finder website! :)

Sancta Risus said...

The pie looks delicious!