"Do not yield to discouragement in the face of difficulties and do not abandon yourselves to false solutions which often seem the easiest way to overcome problems. Do not be afraid to make a commitment, to face hard work and sacrifice, to choose the paths that demand fidelity and constancy, humility and dedication. Be confident in your youth and its profound desires for happiness, truth, beauty and genuine love! Live fully this time in your life so rich and so full of enthusiasm."
"Let us look with greater hope to the future; let us encourage one another on our journey."
~ Papa Benedict XVI

Sunday, April 10

Well, it finally happened...

The computer finally won.  Actually maybe i should say Dell finally won.  My hard drive died.  Not crashed.  Not infected.  Died.  The burial will be today sometime ...probably in the dark of night so our new neighbors don't think me too crazy yet.

The biggest loss?  The photos of course.  I finally got them all off the (stupid) digital camera and onto the (stupid) computer.  Don't say it, don't even ask it, cause no....i had not yet backed them all up.  There were tons!  One step at a time please.  Actually i really have very little backed up... a few things that were moved from the old computer, that's it. 

My brother-in-law said someone might be able to save some things ...maybe at a price. I am hoping one of our God Daughters' daddy (who was my go to computer guy when we were in PA/MD) can help...Please? Paul!???  (we have 3 God daughters so the s' seems right?  grammar is not my best subject!...but you should know that by now...)

I decided a while ago that Dell is NOT a good company to buy from.  My computer was doing well (still in its 1 year warranty) and we purchased a computer for my husband.  There were a few items that would commonly come with a computer (and be listed on the 'it comes with' info) that were not listed.  So i purchased one seperately.  When the computer arrived it came with one!  so I tried to return the item but because the computer was late in arriving we had already missed the return window time frame....its from the time of purchase AND they were VERY late but we are the ones to get penalized.  There were other things with that purchase that really ticked me off but i will spare the story.  Then about a month later - my computer's 1 year warranty expired.  A month after that the battery died.  No longer covered. 
Now what? the computer is a couple of years old and the hard drive dies.... We have a computer from when we were in college that still has the same hard drive!!!??
Oh...and i lost the disc from my printer (cause really, only a dell printer will work consistantly with a dell computer...) I had problems with it after we moved it from one house to another.  So i needed to figure out what was wrong.  I went online, followed THIER directions- i was eventually told to remove and download the driver again....but it didn't work.  I tried repeatedly.  Eventually i called them - i was told they could not help me (the warrenty on the printer had just expired!!!) but i could pay some obnoxiously large amount of money to have them work with me on this one problem.   I explained i followed thier directions from online but well, they are apparently not held accountable for either thier own lateness in shipping things OR thier own troubleshooting directions on thier own company website. 
I ended up paying $18 plus shipping for a new disc.... Dell is out to get me.  They have some of the worst customer service i have seen AND they do not hold themselves accountabe for thier mistakes.  PLUS the customer is always WRONG.  We will never buy from them again....and you shouldn't either.

Now i can spend $50 for a new hard drive, which may not be much to some of you...but what about the ebooks bought online, like my Catholic montessori albums, what about my extreemly complicated cross stitch patterns you can't find in stores and the company closed... what about hthe priceless things like photos and kids writing they do for fun.  All lost.  I really hate computers....technology is not always as great as it is made to be.  There are still problems.  and yes, i know nothing is perfect but heck!  it could at least be reliable.
 yuck - i am done now! I'll post better things later!

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