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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Saturday, February 5

Toddlers and Teens

Many years ago i attended a Homeschool Conference in Harrisburg, PA.  Laura Berquist gave a talk that i'm sure had lots of great homeschool tips and information, but the one thing i remember from it, the one thing that i tucked away in my heart for future reference was a comment that went something like "Teens and toddlers are a lot alike - they need lots of food and lots of sleep." 

I think back then we had 2 kiddos, the oldest was probably 4.  Now we have 5 and our oldest is 14, our youngest is 2.  Mrs. Berquist's comment is oh, so true.

We have had quiet time in our home since the beginning and the middle kids complain a bit but the youngest one usually naps and the oldest one can be found doing the same many a day.  : )

And we have managed to by-pass a lot of the grumpy teen time so far - when it first showed up i started asking B. if he was hungry...did he want a snack?  The first time i did that there was a pause, a sort of 'well, yeah, i guess i am ...and why are you asking?' moment, but from there on out any time he was/is hungry he'd just ask for a granola bar or some such thing.  He has really been pretty good about not being grumpy since we started that.  And the naps definitely help too. 

What can i say, they're growing!  They don't stop!  We can buy pants for a kid and two months later they need new ones!  Holy smokes!    

My point, i guess, is, once your little ones hit those teen years, think about what they are going through.  Just like when they were younger, they are growing mentally and physically ...all very quickly.  They need lots of rest and energy to keep their body going and growing.  Don't let a grumpy teen frustrate you - just make him a sandwich! 

ps.  we have not hit the teen years with our daughters yet - i'm sure there is more than rest and food involved but really, i bet, the nap at least will come in handy!

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