"Do not yield to discouragement in the face of difficulties and do not abandon yourselves to false solutions which often seem the easiest way to overcome problems. Do not be afraid to make a commitment, to face hard work and sacrifice, to choose the paths that demand fidelity and constancy, humility and dedication. Be confident in your youth and its profound desires for happiness, truth, beauty and genuine love! Live fully this time in your life so rich and so full of enthusiasm."
"Let us look with greater hope to the future; let us encourage one another on our journey."
~ Papa Benedict XVI

Tuesday, December 7

what we've been up to.....

Well, its been a while since i've written so i could ramble on all night but i will spare you... here is a 'quick' run down of what we've done recently -

swing making

arranging flowers and serving tea

baking, baking, baking....

our FLL project

a bit of a bump...

visiting friends

Lansdale, PA - FLL practice tournament

Geocaching in MD

leaf blowing...and jumping!

geocaching in NC

just having fun!

1 comment:

allison said...

too funny! Cat looks like she never changes her clothes! at least the last picture is a different outfit!