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~ Papa Benedict XVI

Saturday, October 9

New Things

So this is about the 3rd or 4th time i am trying to write this post .... makes you wonder what all i have had to rewrite and/or delete doesn't it? You'll never know - then again, i'd even be lucky to remember!

Once again here we are with me recapping several weeks of events.  We may even go so far as to say a couple of months at this point!

What have we been up to?
We have visited the newly renovated and re-opened Museum of Art here in Raleigh.  The kids and i had a nice visit.  We saw some really neat things along side some really old, neat things!  Gotta love art!
The Crucifixion  Date: circa 1330
The most hilarious thing about the trip had to be the security guard - she scared the heck out of the kids ...more like stunned them for a moment or two .... as we had just started our way into the Old Italian art section (notice how technical my terms are here!).  Cat was walking  (ok, my fault completely!) and she walked up to a painting and reached out her little 2 yr old hand .... the nice guard appeared out of nowhere and said "12 inches, 12 inches, please, keep at least 12 inches from all the art work."  Oh my. Did she really think i was going to let my 2 yr old handle a piece of art that was many centuries old?  Apparently so! She was so fast, and firm in tone of voice, that all the kids jumped and spent the next 10 min being sure we all remained "12 inches, 12inches!" from all art work. Rather amusing. 
Sir William Pepperrell (1746-1816) and His Family

We found that as beautiful as most of the art was, we were drawn to the American artists.  It might have been the subjects were familiar, or that the styles were more casual, but whatever it was, we had some very interesting conversations once we hit that section of the Museum.  Cat lasted a good while, but we did not get to many parts of the museum.  We are looking forward to further strolling through, and quietly spending time, enjoying the rather thought provoking, inspiring, conversation starting pieces on display.  At least we know what 12 inches is!

Next on our list of have dones ....

On the Field!

We attended Uncle Matt's 1st college football game.  We traveled 3 hours up to Liberty College to see him.  He plays for Saint Francis University.  He is the ball holder.  Well, he was that first game.  Since then he has been added to some other back up positions .... i don't know!  At least he's on the field, and traveling with the team!

Visiting with Uncle Matt after the game!

Uncle Joe, Aunt Jen, and Vinny joined us there. Uncle Joe managed to get himself a press pass and we found him on the field most of the game - we have pictures but .... no need to embarrass him more.

Ladybug has learned/is learning to sew on the sewing machine.  In a not too ambitious moment she decided that learning to use the machine while sewing her first quilt was definitely the way to go.  She just has to finish up the binding (waiting on mom) and it will be ready to send to a sweet. little one.

We have a new cousin! Rowan James was born September 5th.  A sweet, little, tiny thing we all had the joy of holding while in PA.  Uncle Greg and Shane are very blessed. Shane says all she does is feed and change him, then he sleeps and it all starts again!....who woulda guessed!

Well, the list goes on....
We visited the Bug Fest here in Raleigh - hosted by none other then Terminix!

Bear has learned to ride a two wheeler - it took 5 minutes!

We have started school.

We have started FLL (first lego league).

We visited a horse show.

We did a FLL demo for the Fox50 Family Fest in Durham - rather long day!

We are preparing to visit the state fair.

 We are going to the beach for a week (yes, daddy will only be there a few days. yes, we are bringing school work!)

We will be celebrating our cousin Vinny's 1st birthday!  As well as visiting with Uncle Joe before he heads of to Afghanistan. Oh, Aunt Jennifer will be there too ... We love you guys!

Phew!  Must there be more?

Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue the job search.  Also please remember all the men and women who are serving our country both at home and abroad.

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Owner of Homeschool Faith and Family Life Website said...

Wow...busy Dunphys, you are, indeed!
So nice to see pics of the kids...MY how they've grown! I have such fond memories of St. Francis U...that's where one of my brothers attended.